Saxo Bank is proud to welcome you to our collection of contemporary art.

One of Saxo Bank’s core values is “Pride” — pride in one’s job, one’s accomplishments and one’s employer. As a natural extension of this, Saxo Bank strives to provide its employees with a working environment that is both welcoming and inspiring, ideally an environment that employees can be proud of. Saxo Bank wants its offices to stand out in a positive way, and its investment in and commitment to innovative architecture, design and visual arts are central to achieving this goal.

Following the completion of its head office in 2008 — a spectacular and award-winning landmark designed by 3XN architects — Saxo Bank began assembling a bold new collection of art: the Saxo Collection. This collection is enlarged every year as the Bank expands and occupies more office space around the globe. Since 2008 Saxo Bank’s strategy has been to commission and purchase contemporary art from both established and emerging artists, predominantly young Danish artists. In addition to the artworks, the Saxo Collection also features objects and curiosities with an extraordinary appearance or significance.

Saxo Bank has long championed innovation, integrity and high performance through a variety of sponsorship activities. In supporting contemporary art, Saxo Bank also celebrates the courage to explore new points of view, to challenge the established order and to speak up and stimulate discussion.

The Saxo Collection website invites you to take a virtual stroll through the Bank’s head office in Copenhagen and experience, for yourself, every single artwork in one of the largest and most significant corporate art collections in Denmark.

Finally, Saxo Bank is proud to give recognition to the artists themselves. An ongoing video project — presented permanently on this website — portrays the outstanding artists behind some of the artworks in the Collection.

Welcome to the Saxo Collection!

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